I went to Summer camp here and now I am proud to say that my daughter goes to summer camp here! She absolutely loves it! She’s learned so much this summer, and went on so many trips! She had the best summer here! This is really a great association! I’m looking forward to her having … Continue reading Jodi Ann Craine

Jodi Ann Craine

The best after-school program in the neighborhood.

Nancy Marcovici

Love it at School Settlement. Always feels like family.

Wilma Quinones

My daughter will be entering her final year at School Settlement. She is excited to move on to middle school but very upset that she will have aged our of a program that has been ‘home’ for both my daughters for the last 10 years. As a single parent, School Settlement allowed me to work … Continue reading After-school parent

After-school parent

I am very happy with School Settlement and the programs they have to offer.

Michael Sandler

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